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Session 1: How to Research Your CD Beat Memo

Manhattan, lower

So where do you find facts and statistics about New York and the people crazy enough to live there? is here to help.

  • The Department of City Planning Community Portal is your source for much of the beat-memo data: demographics, socio-economic characteristics, etc.
  • NYCityMap is a GIS resource to find data on a particular address/building. Type in an address and you’ll find the building owner, facts about the property, links to Department of Buildings violations and much more.
  • The NYC Green Book will give you the names and phone numbers of county, state, federal  and international officials. The city section is currently under construction.
  • How’s the city doin’, to paraphrase the late Ed Koch? Check out the Mayor’s Management Report, which offers a public report card on city services.
  • Are there Republicans on the Upper West Side? Find out on the NYC Board of Elections site, which shows voter enrollment, election results, etc.

And here are a few handy nongovernmental resources:

  • Oasis is a collaborative GIS with public/private partners, including CUNY.
  • ReferenceUSA will enable you to find people and businesses in New York and beyond.

This is, of course, just the beginning. For the full range of materials that will help you do a bang-up beat memo, consult the Research Center’s Guide to Community District Resources and

And now, for today’s drill.

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